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What Are The “Color Codes” From The Elemental Wardrobe 

Color Palettes

There are “3 Color Codes” that you should address when it comes to creating a professional image:  accessories, hair and makeup.

4 Elemental Wardrobe Color Palettes

Knowing your Elemental Wardrobe Color Palette™ is critical in building a professional wardrobe not only because it determines your color choices for your wardrobe pieces, but it also helps determine which color options are best for your eyewear, accessories, hair, and makeup!

Female’s Fire and Earth Color Codes

Fire Earth Combo

Eyewear & Accessories

For “colored” eyewear and accessories you can also choose the colors from your Elemental Wardrobe Color Palette™. Your best basic metal options are:

1.      bronze

2.   copper                        

3.     gold

4.     polished gold:  *Avoid silver-toned accessories.

Other Basic Colors:

1.      tortoiseshell

2.     woodgrain     

  *select other colors from your Elemental Wardrobe Color Palette™.

Hair Color

In the hair industry, hair has a value level. For example, the darkest color, blue-black has a value of 1. The lightest blonde has a value of 10. Depending upon hair products that you use or seek out to use, these numbers can vary; however, the darker the color, the lower the number, and the greater the number, the lighter the color. 

1. Blue-Black
2. Black
3. Brown-Black
4. Darkest Brown
5. Dark Brown
6. Medium Brown
7. Light Brown
8. Dark Blonde
9. Medium Blonde
10. Light Blonde

Why is knowing this is so important? Because if you want to adjust your hair color this is your starting point. These numbers also let you know the scope of your limitations when it comes to hair color. Note, that going to extremes means more maintenance, money, and time!

For example, going from dark brown to light golden blonde, or going from a warm blonde to an ash blonde, requires great upkeep and requires a true professional in order for it to look great. So get ready to open your wallet to create and to maintain these types of changes. 

For more subtleness, today’s products make it is really easy to do your hair color at home. To do this, whatever your hair color change consists of,  it is suggested to stay within a couple of levels of your natural hair color, going up or down from your natural hair color level.

For example, if you are at a level 8 and wish to adjust your hair color, then you would stay within a color that is from a level 6 to a level 10.

The Most Common Hair Color Need:   covering gray

Doing this can be tricky. It depends on a great deal of factors. Most at-home-color systems offer support on the internet. I highly suggest contacting them before doing anything on your own. There are different many products for covering grays, so do your research.

But let’s cover the theory of hair color so that you are educated and can ask intelligent questions when conversing with a specialist. And more importantly, allowing you to make educated decisions on the direction you would like to take when it comes to your hair.a lot 

When coloring gray, the first thing you want to do is determine if your natural hair color is warm or cool. Below is an obvious example of a warm and a cool color. Some colors are not that noticeable. 

Honey Blonde
Ash Blonde

The next step is to determine the “level” of your hair color. So let’s say that it is a level 6 and you are a honey blonde. That is a warm color, so you would select color products that are warm or golden at a level 6 or up and down one or two levels. If you selected a cool color, such as ash blonde, it would take you out of your natural warm state altogether. Therefore you would have to adjust your wardrobe, makeup, and accessories for a harmonious look.

Makeup Colors

At the Personal Branding Center, our founder, Parker Geiger was one of the original National Trainers for Color Me Beautiful as they expanded nationally into the retail market. We have partnered with Color Me Beautiful to bring you the best colors to accommodate your personal coloring. 

Color Me Beautiful also owns Flori Roberts. In 1965, Flori Roberts was the first cosmetics brand developed specifically for women of color and is recognized as the premier cosmetic brand for African American women. Its comprehensive range of color cosmetics includes foundations, face powders, blush, eye, and lip makeup.

For women of color, we suggest checking both cosmetic lines for your foundations. Color Me Beautiful categorizes its cosmetics into Seasons: Spring, Autumn, Summer and Winter. Our Elemental Wardrobe Color Palettes are  Fire (Spring), Earth (Autumn), Air (Summer), and Water (Winter), so shop accordingly. We use the elements because it is a broader statement for both men and women. Winter in the Bahamas is different than winter in New York. We also updated our colors as well as added Secondary Colors to help expand your wardrobe color options!

Fire (Spring) & Earth (Autumn) Makeup Colors

Color Me Beautiful

Air (Summer) & Water (Winter) Makeup Colors

Flori Roberts’ Foundations

Flori Roberts Foundations

To read more blogs on the topics of Professional Image, click here. We will make specific recommendations for each face shape for men and women. Keep in mind that we are constantly adding new blogs so be sure to check back!

You can also submit any question concerning this topic or other personal branding topics by submitting your questions here. Our “ASK! The Branding Experts” will try to answer your question(s) in a blog.

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