Male Color Codes

What Are The “Color Codes” From The Elemental Wardrobe 

Color Palettes

There are "3 Color Codes" that you should address when it comes to creating a professional image:  eyewear, accessories, and hair color.

Knowing your Elemental Wardrobe Color Palette™ is critical in building a professional wardrobe not only because it determines your color choices for your wardrobe pieces, but it also helps determine which color options are best colors for your eyewear, accessories, and hair.

Males' Fire and Earth Color Codes

Fire Earth Combo

Eyewear & Accessories 

Your best metal color options are:

1.   bronze

2.  copper

3.  gold

4. polished gold:  avoid silver-toned accessories, particularly around the face area.

For "colored" eyewear and accessories choose colors from your Elemental Wardrobe Color Palette™.

Hair Color

In the hair industry, hair has a value level. For example, the darkest color, blue-black has a value of 1. The lightest blonde has a value of 10. Depending upon hair products that you use or seek out to use, these numbers can vary; however, the darker the color, the lower the number, and the greater the number, the lighter the color.

Hair Color Value

Why is knowing this is so important? Because if you want to adjust your hair color this is your starting point. These numbers also let you know the scope of your limitations when it comes to hair color. Note, that going to extremes means more maintenance, money, and time!

For example, going from dark hair color to light hair color (refers to hair color level-more below), or going from a warm blonde color to a cool ash blonde color, (refers to your hair having a more yellow/gold or gray/blue undertone-more below) requires great upkeep and requires a true professional for it to look great. So get ready to open your wallet to create and maintain these types of changes.

For more natural color changes, today’s products make it is really easy to do your hair color at home. 

The Most Common Hair Color Need: covering gray

Doing this can be tricky. It depends on many factors. Most at-home-color-systems offer support on the internet. I highly suggest contacting them before doing anything on your own. There are many different products for covering grays, so do your research.

But let’s cover the theory of hair color so that you are educated and can ask intelligent questions when conversing with a specialist. And more importantly, allowing you to make educated decisions on the direction you would like to take when it comes to your hair.

When coloring gray, first, determine the “level” of your hair color. Refer to the hair color levels discussed above. For example, let’s say that your natural hair color is at a level 6, whatever hair "color" you decide on, should be one or two levels up or down from your natural do this, the next step is to determine if your hair is warm or cool.

Ash Gold combo

In the examples above, Ash Blonde is cool, as it has a gray, blue undertone. Golden Blonde is warm due to its yellow, gold undertone. Some colors are not so obvious. These are oftentimes called neutral colors. 

Color Tips:  If you have red, gold, or copper tones, then your hair color is warm. If you have black or dark brown with no red or gold, or ash (gray), salt-n-pepper, or silver, then your hair color is cool.

Let's say that you determined that your hair level is 6, and is warm, to stay harmonious with your natural color, you would select a color that is closest to your natural hair color. In this case, let's say that is a golden blonde. Then you would select a golden blonde color that is rated between levels 4-8. Not doing so would take you away from your natural level.

The closer to your natural level, the better. There are far too many options to discuss here, but suffice to know, the closer to your natural level, the better. 

How Dark or Light Should I Go?

How light or dark your eye color in combination with how dark or light your skin is, plays a big part in how light or dark your hair color should be when you are considering a change in hair color. Below are some suggestions to help guide you in the decision process.

Light Eyes

Light Eyes And Lighter Skin Tone
Light Eye and Medium Skin Color
Light Eye and Darker Skin Color

Medium Eyes

Medium Eyes And Lighter Skin Tone
Medium Eyes And Medium Skin Tone
Medium Eyes And Darker Skin Tone

Dark Eyes

Dark Eye Lighter Skin
Dark Eye Medium Skin
Dark Eye darker Skin

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