Business Etiquette and Protocol


There are many interactions in your professional like where your Business Etiquette & Protocol Skills are critical to your enhancing your Personal Brand. There are rules and there are players in the game of business. Professionals must know these and oftentimes, the unwritten rules of the game as well. These blogs are based on the following Personal Branding Disciplines and review the nuances of each business opportunity:

  1. Networking face-to-face
  2. Networking Online
  3. Daily Business Interactions
  4. Dining while doing business
  5. Entertaining clients




The biggest problem in corporate America is communications or lack thereof. Our communication blogs cover a wide variety of daily business interactions where effective communication is key to raise-the-bar when it comes to your Personal Brand! The foundation of any communication is first is to “Know Thy Self” and second, learn how to “Modify They Self”. These blogs discuss the following Personal Branding Disciplines:

  1. Behaviors
  2. Values
  3. Verbal Communications
  4. Written Communications
  5. Non-Verbal Communications  


Personal Branding


The scope of Personal Branding is huge. Everything one says, does, writes, speaks, and associates themselves with impacts is or her Personal Brand.

At the Personal Branding Center, when discussing Personal Branding in our blogs, we are focusing on those aspects that create what we call the foundation disciplines of Personal Branding and those areas that help one communicate their brand to others.

This blog discusses  the following Personal Branding Disciplines:

  1. Behavior
  2. Values
  3. Personal Goals
  4. Personal Branding Statement™
  5. Personal Branding Soundbites™
Presentation Skills


Giving a formal presentation or conducting face-to-face or online meetings, surprisingly the preparation, delivery, and outcome, oftentimes consists of the same components. Preparation is key regardless of the situation. This blog helps point out the nuances that make the differences for each situation and its similarities.

Don’t take the not-so-formal presentations lightly.  At the Personal Branding Center, we do not adhere to the phrase, “Don’t sweat the small stuff”. Instead, we say, “Don’t forget the small stuff. Oftentimes, they are just as important or more!” How are your online business meetings going? Putting your best face forward? Are you getting your desired outcome?

Our blogs covering the following:

  1. Formal Presentations
  2. Business Meetings:  face-to-face
  3. Business Meetings:  online
Professional Image


The foundation of any professional image is based on one’s personal coloring. You can go to a clothing rack and find a garment that is the right size, correct silhouette, fabric, texture, and style; however, if you purchase that garment in the wrong color, all the other aspects of the garment does not even matter.

The Personal Branding Center has created the 4 Elemental Wardrobe Color Palettes to help you define the foundation for your Professional Image. Your skin, hair, and eye color’s hue, value, and chroma is the determining factor. Aside from clothing, your palette will also help you determine the best color options for accessories, hair, and makeup for women.

Once your color palette is determined, then your body type, face shape, and personal clothing style will help you create a style that is unique to you.

This blog will help you understand all the complexity of such a subject matter in terms that are easy to understand and apply. The following Professional Image Disciplines will be discussed:

  1. Elemental Wardrobe Color Palettes™

  2. Body Type

  3. Face Shapes

  4. Clothing Style Profile™

  5. Psychology of Clothing™

  6. Science + Art = Style


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