Conflict Resolution


Conflict Resolution

Conflict resolution is a process where two parties or more find a place of agreement. This agreement should not be resolved like being on a battlefield. Instead, it should be approached as a negotiation, where it is a win-win for all parties involved; however, this process is not always an easy one.

There are many effective strategies to address conflict. To reach a mutual agreement one must understand the conflict, understand his or her stance on the situation, while at the same time look at the other people involved from their perspective. Every situation calls for a different strategy. This program will explore the alternatives in how your employees can resolve conflict resolution.


Business Impact

  • Communicate more effectively with self, team members, and customers; internally and externally.
  • Significantly influence attitude and professional outlook.
  • Increase self-confidence.     
  • Enhance current communication skills.
  • Make the employee an asset to the organization as opposed to a distinct liability.
  • Reduce conflict and communication gaps with others.
  • Recognize others Behaviors and Values as it relates to conversation and communication.
  • Understand one’s “comfort zone” and how to extend that “zone” for effective communication.
  • Identify communication red-flags before they become costly.
  • Recognize that conflict or being competitive is not necessary to resolve a disagreement or problem.
  • Listen more effectively when under pressure.     
  • Experience success while communicating under stress.
  • Examine language barriers that can cause breakdowns in communication.
  • Recognize anxieties and frustrations that may be felt when communicating with others.
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