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Business Etiquette and Protocol


Today’s employees must be equipped with those communication skills that are critical in business relations. How they interact with others can influence perceptions of their skills, talents, performance, and career advancements. When conducting business, implementing effective interpersonal skills is key to business success. 

Do your employees know that when he or she is attending networking events, there are fundamental etiquette, protocols, and communication skills critical to help shape their personal brand? 

Some of these networking events are short-lived and some are ongoing. How one deals with these opportunities is like playing a game of chess. He or she must master the situation by being tactical and methodical if they desire to win the game.


Networking Skills
Are You Strategic Or Winging It?

As in chess, there are players:  your employee and the situation. The situation could be described as the people (pieces) and the environment (board).

Like chess, in business, an employee must think before he or she makes a move, as each move will impact the outcome of the event. In other words, how he or she maneuvers themselves and the people (pieces), will determine if they  will win or lose the game!

It's All About Relationships!

The internet might be a new landscape for doing business, but personal interaction is still key in regard to how business gets done. Whether one is attending a networking function or interacting face-to-face on normal daily activities with others, one’s social skills can be a great asset or a distinct liability to his or her success!

The more one is visible, inside or outside the organization, the more these skills-sets play a pivotal role in building a sustainable brand.

Business Impact

  • Learn the are fundamental etiquette, protocols, and behaviors that are critical to develop and maintain to help shape your personal brand with precision.
  • Project confidence when walking into a room of strangers.
  • Better position one’s self for any business opportunity.
  • Know how to show respect to others.
  • Learn how to make others comfortable when engaging with a group of people.
  • Become strategic in how to position one’s self in every networking opportunity.
  • Understand one’s “comfort zone” and how to extend that “zone” for effective communication.
  • Knowing how to utilize one’s behavior to have more of an impact when networking.
  • Gain knowledge of how other’s behaviors allow for medication while communicating with others at networking events.
  • Learn to engage in conversations without controlling or being controlled by others.
  • Know how to properly introduce self in others that makes others comfortable.
  • Identify when to modify time constraints with speaking with others so that goals and objectives are met.
  • Learn how to identify the purpose of attending any networking event.
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