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StoryBranding™ is how you market and position yourself by unveiling your story one piece at a time. It’s a process that helps you communicate your strengths, values and passions in a very clear, concise and succinct way.

Each discipline is made up of what we call “mini-stories”. It is these stories  that tell others about who are you. Each of these “mini-stores” is just one snippet of who you are. Think of each mini-story as a piece of a puzzle.

When they are presented in a scattered way, they make no sense to others; however, when fit together in a very intent, methodical, logical way, they tell the whole story, or picture, of who you are.

This is your Personal Brand. What are your stories?

Personal Branding Center’s core programs are created and customized from the  following Personal Branding Disciplines.

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When first entering the workplace, it’s all about performance; however, as  your career develops its more about how you do the job. The assumption is that you can do the job, otherwise you would not be in the position. Thus far you have proved yourself, technically.

After working with thousands of professionals over the years, we have concluded that your  Visibility contributes to 60% of reaching your success potential. The key word is, potential. It’s about going beyond status quo.

Your Image and Performance contributes 30% and 10% respectively. That is why we created the VIP Success Potential Model™. To help our clients develop and maintain a personal brand that has sustainability.

Self-Awareness The Key To Cultivate Change!

One does not change unless there is first an awareness of self, followed by a “conscious choice” to execute change. We call this the “involution” approach to building an authentic personal brand.

We are about helping individuals be the best they can be. It is about self-awareness, authenticity, self-esteem,  physical image, and presence.

It’s about helping professionals take responsibility, action, and control of one’s career development and sustainability.

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