CFX Personal Branding Wheel

What is a Personal Brand?

Your employee’s reputation is his or her Personal Brand! Everything they do, everything they say, everything they represent, everything they associate themselves with, and everything they produce, creates an emotional connection with others. It is other’s thoughtsfeelings, and associations held within one’s mind that impacts their Personal Brand.

personal brand is developed and grown either unconsciously or consciously. When evolving unconsciously, your employees are making choices by being more reactive. Being more reactive leaves his or her destiny in the hands of others. When evolving consciously, your employees are making choices by being more responsive, which creates a space for an involution approach to building a personal brand. And it is this conscious-choice that creates an authentic, personal brand.

The CFX Personal Branding Wheel™

The CFX Personal Branding Wheel™ was created to help your employees learn how to create a road-map when developing his or her brand.


The CORE of the wheel represents who your employee is. It is the “why” of what he or she does and the “how” of what he or she does. And this is where their attributes come from that drive his or her  decisions when building a brand.

The challenge for most professionals is that they do not know how to put into words who they are. If you ask your employees who they are not, they can usually emphatically tell you without hesitation; however, when it comes to asking them to tell you who they are, communicating that in a clear, succinct  manner, is often more difficult. That is because there  are so many aspects of an individual, and it is challenging to narrow them down for business purposes?

At The Personal Brand Center we have figured out a simple solution in helping you do just that. We use two assessments that measure your behavior and what motivates you to do what you do. They are called DISC and DRIVING FORCES.





The Fundamental of the wheel consists of those Personal Branding Disciplines that we at The Personal Branding Center believe every employee should have in their business arsenal. From business etiquette and protocol to a professional image and everything in-between, your employees should learn how to master each of these personal branding disciplines to ensure that they represent your organization’s established brand.


The personal branding disciplines from this part of the wheel will differ from employee to employee. Depending upon an employee’s development process and their career goals, will determine which disciplines they wish to address. For example, one employee may join a non-profit organization to gain more exposure in the marketplace, while another employee might gain certification in a particular field of study.

Business Impact

  • How to be consistent in how one  “shows up”.
  • Learn how to be known and understood.
  • Represent one’s business and ethical values.
  • Highlight skill-sets that are relevant to the job-at-hand.
  • Learn how to resonate with others to be remembered in a positive light.
  • Become strategic and learn how to manage one’s career path.
  • How to differentiate one’s self from others.
  • Learn how to create a space where people want to know and listen to them.
  • Knowing how to build a network that “promotes” one’s self when not present.
  • Become efficient at knowing how to communicate clearly and succinctly who one is and what they know.
  • Maintain current business opportunities.
  • Position and secure future business engagements.
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