Professional Image


An employee’s image is about how they look, and this constitutes 30% of reaching his or her success potential. And for the Personal Branding Center, it is about ensuring that your employees not only represent his or her position and the organization’s brand, while exceeding their customer’s expectations, both internally and externally, but do so without losing his or her own sense of personal identity.

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When an employee’s image is dated, sloppy and unkempt, then the perception of his or her work and abilities are also perceived as dated, sloppy and not organized. This can impact his or her success potential, impacting the organization’s bottom line.


Whether your employees are identified as up and coming or are already highly visible in the organization, this program will ensure that his or her personal brand is packaged in a way that others take notice, while learning how to develop and maintain a professional image that communicates confidence to others.


Business Impact

  • Define and develop a personal image that reflects one’s own personal brand.
  • How to apply the CPR™ approach in business.
  • Define professional goals to align with one’s image objectives.
  • Better position one’s self for any business opportunity.
  • Use wardrobe and color to make a psychological impact on others.
  • Create an effective wardrobe that represents a leader.
  • Identify which clothing style best fits one’s physical characteristics and personality. 
  • Develop and maintain a professional image that is reflective of one’s skills and talents. 
  • Build an image that truly portrays one’s self.
  • Strategically build an effective wardrobe.
  • Buy the essentials and more for a hi-performance wardrobe.
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