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A Step-By-Step Roadmap To Success

Depending upon your goals and objectives helps determine which service is right for you. Our team will work with you and create a road map to success, regardless of where an employee or team might be in the process.


SEMINARS range from two-hours to half-day sessions. The number can be from small to large groups.


WORKSHOPS are designed to personalize the interactive experience, with more one-on-one development. Participants utilize hands on multimedia in a full-day session, allowing 8 -15 participants per workshop.


COACHING programs are customized for one-on-one coaching with the participant. After working with your management team, we will propose the program content and time frame for the participant. Depending up on the complexity of the subject matter, the length of the coaching program will vary. Typically, from one-month to six-months in duration.


CONSULTING services in the image and brand arena can range from product launches to uniform development, to personal and corporate branding strategies and more!


e-Learning meets the training needs of your entire organization with our high quality, interactive solutions. Our programs offer flexibility, reduced training expenses, constantly up-to-date courses and employee development tracking.


TRAIN-THE-TRAINER programs were created to certify trainers within an organization to become proficient in teaching those Image and Brand Disciplines that are critical in helping your organization and its employees maintain a competitive edge in both, local and global markets.

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The Personal Branding Center offers  24/7 online services. We are constantly adding more.

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Online Resources

The Personal Branding Center is a great online resource  for the following Personal Branding Disciplines:  Business Etiquette & Protocol, Communications, Brand Positioning, Presentation Skills and Professional Image.

Professional Presence


By far, it is LinkedIn. If you are a professional and do not have a LinkedIn Profile, others will not take you seriously.

This depends on your goals and objectives. When working for an organization, we recommend keeping your LinkedIn active. Join groups , submit articles and make comments on someone else’s content.  Only add other social sites if it is relevant to you. Learn more here about groups on LinkedIn.

Not having a professional picture. Your picture is your logo. Be sure that it is professional. Dress correctly. Have a clear picture and make sure you wear clothing and colors that help you project a professional image. Learn more about creating a Professional Image

Not necessarily. Communication is a two-way street. You have to listen and you have to learn to speak. It’s first knowing your strengths when it comes to verbal communication, then it is about learning to modify for better communications. Read more about Communications on our blog here!

VERY important! Ensure that you dress as you would for any face-to-face meeting. They key is to be consistent. Consider colors and styles to help communicate the meeting’s message!

If you don’t someone else will. Do not allow others to determine your destiny! Only you can do that, regardless of what you might think! Check out this blog!

It depends. If you are conducting online meetings on  a regular basis, then we recommend doing so. It does not have to be expensive. We also recommend having a wired lapel mic. This ensures everyone can hear you and if you record the meeting, it helps ensure you have great audio for replays. Avoid wireless mics, they lose connection from time-to-time.

Read this blog to learn more!

Absolutely NOT! At the Personals Branding Center, your Business Etiquette & Protocol Skills are firmly embedded within the following  Personal Branding Disciplines:  Business Dining and Entertainment Venues, Business Meetings:  host/attendee, Networking:  face-to-face, Networking:  online, and your Daily Business Interactions.

Learning and applying the proper Business Etiquette & Protocol Skills within each of these five Personal Branding Disciplines, will help your project a Personal Brand that is exudes confidence  and sophistication!

Check out these blogs to learn more!

We Are Ready To Help You Create Your Professional Image.

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